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[Andong Travel] Andong Farmhouse Restaurant, Andong Yam Cuisine_Tteul

Andong Farmhouse Restaurant Tteul is the representative restaurant of Andong that uses only the local specialty of the Yam and local ingredients.

ndong Farmhouse Restaurant, Andong Yam Cuisine_Tteul
ndong Farmhouse Restaurant, Andong Yam Cuisine_Tteul

Andong has so much to see and so much to eat.

Ordinary tourists usually come to Andong to find out about Hahoe Village, Bongjeongsa Temple, Jjimdak, salted mackerel, and it is easy to go back to.

Jjimdak is the latest food rather than the traditional food of Andong.
People started eating salted mackerel long ago, but the taste of tradition is a little different from that of now.

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Then, what should I eat in Andong?
I’ve been thinking about it. so I looked for food ingredients in Andong.

Andong is a city that produces 70 percent of the country’s yams.
I wish I had that yum dish and here’s what i found.

‘Andong Farmhouse Restaurant, Tteul

Farmhouse Restaurant, Tteul is the representative restaurant of Andong that uses only the local specialty of the Yam and local ingredients.

In the garden in front of the house during the four seasons, they serve organic vegetables and traditional Andong’s authentic dishes to keep it clean as a family meal.

From farmhouse ‘tteul’

food made from local specialty “yam” and local food ingredients. In addition, you can enjoy the authentic andong food made by well-known family house, who is an expert in local cuisine.

Andong Farmhouse Restaurant tteul
Andong Farmhouse Restaurant tteul

There is a little distance from Andong city. About 20 minutes downtown? The farms, restaurants have to come by car.

In addition, it is very remote, so public transportation is very difficult to access.

Besides, this restaurant is operated a reservation system 100 percent.

And only four or more. In other words, should reserve for 4 people or more.

There are four menus in total.

  1. Han Table: 15,000won for one
  2. Keun Table: 25,000won for one
  3. Janchi Table: 35,000won for one
  4. Sura Tabel: 50,000won for one

You must make a reservation a day in advance to have a meal.

Now that I’ve seen the outside as much as I can,
Let’s go inside and start having a nice meal.

There’s not enough room to put the spoon in, and there’s a huge food table.

A feast of vegetables that is hard to explain. A variety of fragrances, fresh and sweet herbs.

Abalone is also served and all kinds of vegetables as well. And the yam with blueberries on that pumpkin leaf. The shape is so pretty.

Marinated Tteokgalbi with grind yam, Sliced yam with sliced octopus.

And fried yam & fried pepper.
There are so many different kinds of food related to yam.

I know only eat the yam as to cut or grind, but they are so diverse.

Sliced yam are also included in bulgogi. If you put yam instead of potato in foods, it’s another dish.

Put the sliced yam instead of potatoes that go into Andong Jjimdak, it is the ‘yam jjimdak’.

If you put a yam in a beef soup instead of a radish, it’s a beef yam soup.

But this yam soup has been around for 500 years. This dish was introduced in the best cookbook of Korea, ‘suunjabbang’. The name is ‘Seo Ye-tang’.

Anyway, I feel that Yam can be cook a lot of different dishes here in Andong.

There’s a Yam in the rice as well. Remind me of Potato Rice in Gangwon-do. Andong-style yam-rice.

Andong Farmhouse Restaurant
Andong Farmhouse Restaurant, Andong Yam Cuisine_Tteul

Rice and soup finally comes out, and now the authentic meal begins.

All the dishes are served. As I see the table filled with foods, I can understand the reservation of more than four people. It’s impossible to order all this food on the same day.

And there are too many side dishes for two people to eat.

There are so many that I don’t know what to eat first. Generous dose of food just by tasting it every single dish. Besides, it’s so delicious.

I want to finish it form all kinds of vegetables to the main dish.

And finally, dessert! This drink is ground fruit juice with yam.

I have traveled to Andong, far away from seoul, so I don’t like to eat Andong Jjimdak and salted mackerel, which can be eaten anywhere.

If you want to go to a farmhouse restaurant that has the characteristics of Andong area, Then, this is the best place to visit!

Andong’s Taste, Tteul.

+82 54-857-6051


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