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[Andong Tour] The Capital of Korean Mental Culture: Andong with Hanok Stay

Andong Tour with hanokstay. Unlike the first time when Andong had only Hahoe Village in minded,I learned that Andong has many other things to see and enjoy.

Andong Tour with hanokstay
Andong Tour with hanokstay

Andong Tour with hanokstay

With my family, with my lover.

If you have a travel plan in Andong,

I hope you enjoy it.

Andong Tour with hanokstay
Andong Tour with hanokstay

The first day of the Andong Tour. It drizzles down. The rain that had not fallen until yesterday has fallen since this morning. And on cloudy days and rainy days, there is a special feeling that i can feel those days. so let’s focus on the tour.

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Andong Tour with hanokstay
Andong Tour with hanokstay

There are so many people that there are no seats available on the 35-seat bus. There are many people who came to tour because they are on the Chuseok holiday.

I’m excited. I want to know about Andong.
I want to know what the local tour guide explains.
I’m looking forward to explaining this to foreigners later on.

Hahoe Village

Andong Tour with hanokstay
Hahoe Village

Rain clouds surround Hahoe Village.

It’s not the rain that’s been pouring down.
Just wet your skin.

There’s nothing wrong with touring.

Hahoe Village
Hahoe Village

The highlight of the Hahoe Village Festival is ‘Seonyu Julbulnori’.
It is a fireworks from Buyongdae to Hahoe Village.
It’s a rare event because it’s only held twice a year.

It’s not a Western fireworks that shoots up.
It is the essence of Oriental fireworks flowing downwards.

I want to tell you to see it if you have a chance.

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My favorite place in Hahoe Village is Mansongjeong Forest, right here. The rain-soaked pine tree is thicker today.

It’s light, it’s refreshing to move through the forest to the next place.
I can’t walk away easily.

It’s starting to rain harder. It’s a calming day.

The sound of raindrops dripping from the tile roof is beautiful.
I think I can hear a pattern when I’m listening.

Andong means “stabilized the east”. It is said that When WangGun built Goryeo, he borrowed the power of the Andong forces to help the founding of Goryeo, so the area was named Andong.

Hahoe Village is a representative same-family name village in Korea where Pungsan Ryu has lived for over 600 years. There are dozens of same-family name villages in Andong.

Among them, the history of Hahoe Village is the oldest and most meaningful, and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


I see a lot of people wearing white coats today. I know today the president is going to stop here in Hahoe.

For a while, I came to see the zelkova tree in the center of Hahoe Village.
600-year-old zelkova tree with history in Hahoe Village.

Whenever I come to Hahoe Village, I stop by and make a wish.

As autumn grows thicker, the maples become tinted and the persimmons ripen.

Andong Tour with hanokstay, hahoe village
Andong Tour with hanokstay, hahoe village

People keep walking.
The holidays are holidays.

Andong Tour with hanokstay, hahoe village
Andong Tour with hanokstay, hahoe village

The field is already colored golden. It is all golden and terraced rice fields welcome guests at the entrance.

My second favorite street in Hahoe Village.
A riverside path, Riverside road in Hahoe Village where abundant trees form a tunnel. Leaves block the sky from rain, and wind from the riverside cools me down.

After the tour of Hahoe Village,
Now I’m going to eat lunch.

Today’s first meal is ‘Andong Salted Grilled Mackerel’.

Lunch: Grilled Salted Mackerel

Andong was inland, so it was hard to eat fresh fish. In addition, when there was no freezing facility, salted had to be treated to prevent the fish from spoiling, and this is the beginning of Andong Salted Grilled Mackerel.

Now, the Korean word “Salted grilled Mackerel” has become so popular that it was coined in Andong. Sweet and salty Andong salted grilled mackerel.

If you come to Andong, you should eat a meal of Andong Salted Grilled Mackerel.

Hahoe Mask Dance Drama Performance

Hahoe Mask Dance Drama Performance
Hahoe Mask Dance Drama Performance

After eating, i’m going to move to Talnori Hall at the entrance of Hahoe Village.

Here, they are scheduled to watch the performance of “Byeolsingut Talnori”. Seonyu Julbul nori is a game of Seonbi, while Byeolsingut Talnori is a game of ordinary people.

Byeolsingut Talnori designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 69. It’s about an hour’s run. The acting and contents of the actors are full and interesting.

To start mask play, each wearing his or her own mask and preparing for mask play, while clowns who are not in their turn sing the Nongak.

The play yard consists of eight madangs of Mud Mudong Madang, Baekjeong Madang, Pagye Seung Madang, Pagye madang and Seonbi Madang, the wedding Madang.

The accompaniment of Talnori is performed by a pungmul player whose gong is the center, and is performed by dancing with a little rhythm mixed with improvised, simple movements.

Hahoe Byeolsingut Talnori is characterized by no after party while burning masks.

After the performance, the performers and the president dance together on stage and enjoy themselves. Then he leaves the stage behind.

Finish our schedule at Hahoe Village and head to our next destination.

The next destination is ‘Byeongsan Seowon’ next to Hahoe Village.

Byeongsan Seowon

Byeongsan Seowon here is considered one of the representative Confucian architectures of the Joseon Dynasty. The name Byeongsan, which is named because “Hwasan,” located in front of Seowon, looks like a folding screen.

After passing through the entrance to Seowon, you will find Mandaeru, Dongjae Seojae, and Seowon. The simplest arrangement of Confucian buildings.

Among them, the most famous building is Mandaeru.
When you go up to the Mandaeru, you can see the Nakdonggang River and Byeongpung-like mountains at a glance.

However, it is usually not open and cannot be climbed.

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Andong Tour with hanokstay, byeongsan Seowon
Andong Tour with hanokstay, byeongsan Seowon

But today, Thanks to the president who just went there, I was given a chance to climb to Mandaru for a while. I also got on Mandalu quickly.

Andong Tour with hanokstay, byeongsan Seowon
Andong Tour with hanokstay, byeongsan Seowon

The scenery when we climbed to Mandaeru, On the mountain lined with the blue Nakdong River. The taste is pleasant.

And the other highlight is the wooden staircase leading up to the Mandaeru. Huge wooden stair carved out of a single tree. Mouth opens in size and sophistication

After 5 minutes of short allowed time, The Mandaeru was firmly closed again. But It is an honor to stand up for a while, I’m satisfied.

The simple picture of Byeongsan Seowon reminds me of this.

‘Simple is Best’

The next place to go behind Byeongsan Seowon is ‘Buyeongdae Cliff’.

Buyongdae Cliff

Andong Tour with hanokstay, Buyongdae Cliff
Andong Tour with hanokstay, Buyongdae Cliff

There is also a way to cross the Nakdong River from Hahoe Village to Buyongdae. But we came across in a car.

It serves as a cool observatory for the entire meandering of Hahoe Village Nakdong River.

The boat you see over there is the only way to cross from Hahoe Village to Buyongdae.

If you pay for a round trip, he drive us from Hahoe Village to Buyongdae, and sometimes he leave his seat, so I have to make a phone call.

If you look closely at Hahoe Village from above, Yangban house and ordinary people‚Äôs houses are in the same village, but they are located in different locations.

It is a string set up for playing with seonyu julbulnori.
Let me give you a little preview.

There are 5 fireworks displays in seonyu julbul nori Fireworks.

The first is Julbulnori, which is the main fireworks, a firework hanging on a rope.

Second, an egg fire that floats on the Nakdong River and flows along the river.

Third, a lantern that flies high into the sky.

Fourth is a falling fireworks that burns pine branches at Buyongdae cliff and drops them down the cliff.

Fifth is the Western style fireworks.

Andong Tour with hanokstay, Buyongdae Cliff
Andong Tour with hanokstay, Buyongdae Cliff

It takes about 10 minutes from the parking lot to the observatory of Buyongdae. When it rains, the ground is slippery, so you have to climb it carefully.

It goes up a lot more than I thought.

Leaving the Buyongdae behind, we’re going back to Andong city for dinner, which is today’s last schedule. This evening, Andong Jjimdak.

Dinner: Andong Jjimdak

What is the origin of Andong Jjimdak?

There are various theories, but one of the most likely theories is that a new dish, the Andong Jjimdak, was created at Andong Market, which felt threatened by the expansion of Western-style chicken.

Anyway, because of that, Andong Jjimdak spread its name widely and created a new formula called Andong Jjimdak.

Andong Tour with hanokstay, jjimdak
Andong Tour with hanokstay, jjimdak

After dinner,
Let’s take a moment to look around the market before we go back to our hotel.

It’s hard to come back out when we get into the hotel.
I have to buy some food for dinner now.

Andong Gotaek, Isangru

Andong Tour with hanokstay, Gotaek, Isangru
Andong Tour with hanokstay, Gotaek, Isangru

Finally, I came in for Hanok Stay, the highlight of this Andong tour.

Andong’s old house, where we will stay this time, is an old house called LeeSangru.

Andong Tour with hanokstay, Gotaek, Isangru
Andong Tour with hanokstay, Gotaek, Isangru

The room is neat and the feeling of the old house flows naturally.

It feels different from dinner.
I take a walk around of the old house before breakfast.

I’m looking for a place i didn’t see in the dark.
The beauty of the old house is being explored in every corner.

Breakfast is on the floor in the middle of the old house.
It is made up of really precious vegetables, well over a dozen side dishes.

As we eat, the owner of the old house explains everything.
It tastes like that and smells like that. It’s in my mouth.

I’m savoring every single side dish.
I’ve had enough.
My body lies back by itself.

The building itself is good, but there is also a pride in the pine forest surrounding it.

I go for a walk according to the owner’s instructions to go out for a walk after eating.
The walk with clean air and pine scents is truly unique.

I spent a pleasant, mysterious night at my old house.
We will go on a tour of Andong again.

The first place of the day is ‘Bongjeongsa temple’.

Bongjeongsa Temple:
UNESCO World Heritage

Andong Tour with hanokstay, Bongjeongsa Temple
Andong Tour with hanokstay, Bongjeongsa Temple

This temple was built during the Unified Silla Period.
There is the oldest wooden building in our country.

Geukrackjeon in Bongjeongsa. I go up to see that Geukrackjeon.

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There is no the Four Devas Gate at Bongjeong Temple.
The four heavenly guardians of Buddhism in every temple are not here.

Anyway, right after the first gate, I can see the Great Hall of Bongjeongsa Temple.

At first glance, the Great Hall gives us an old impression.
Many people mistake this building as the oldest wooden building.

Daewoongjeon Hall, however, was built in the early Joseon Dynasty
It’s not the oldest building.

If you go to the left with the Great Hall on your side, I see a small but straight building on a yellow wall.

This is the oldest wooden building in Korea. It’s ahead of Yeongju Buseoksa’s Muryangsujeon Hall. It’s fun to compare the differences.

Andong Tour with hanokstay, Bongjeongsa Temple
Andong Tour with hanokstay, Bongjeongsa Temple

The faded dancheong and faded tree harmony tell the history and age.

Leaving Bongjeongsa behind, we will go to the ‘Hakbongjongtak’.


Andong Tour with hanokstay, Hakbongjongtaek
Andong Tour with hanokstay, Hakbongjongtaek


Hakbong Kim’s information can be found on the homepage above.

And one more thing!
The fact that Hanok Stay is available here at Hakbong House!

Entering the entrance, there is a green lawn open, and grass management is really artistic.

Everywhere is flat.

Before entering the Hakbong Jongtaek, there is a museum where I would like to carefully see the materials and relics of Ms. Kim Sung-il.

Don’t you think it’s polite to visit now to know whose house I’m entering and what kind of person?

After the Hakbong House, I’m going to the next place Icheon-dong Stone Buddha Statue.

Icheondong Stone Buddha Statue

Icheondong Stone Buddha Statue
Icheondong Stone Buddha Statue

We estimate that the Buddha was made around the 11th century. The Buddha statue in the Jebiwon is also called the Jeniwon Maitreya.

It is said that the natural rock wall is engraved with buddha’s word and the head is made separately.
The back and sides of the head are almost damaged, but the face is complete.

The head leans on itself by the majestic and severe impression that comes out of that expression.

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The key is to look like a giant stone Buddha. I’m curious how they moved the heavy stone.

Next to the statue of Buddha in Icheon-dong.
We head to Woryeonggyo near Andong Dam.

Woryeonggyo Bridge

Woryeonggyo Bridge
Woryeonggyo Bridge

Woryeonggyo Bridge is the longest wooden bridge in Korea. The name Woryeonggyo was confirmed by reference to Woryeongdae, which was submerged by the dam construction.

A couple’s beautiful love is enshrined on this bridge. It is said that the bridge was built in the shape of a hemp shoes to commemorate the sad and noble love of the mother who pulled out her hair and made a hemp shoes.

It was opened in 2003 but was again completed in 2009 through repair work due to rotting trees.

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Woryeonggyo Bridge
Woryeonggyo Bridge

Passing Wolyeonggyo Bridge on the other side, Seokbinggo, which served as a refrigerator during the old Joseon Dynasty, is located in Andong Folk Village

In the middle of the bridge, the pavilion called Woryeongjeong is located in a beautiful. It’s a good spot to stay out of the sun for a while and enjoy the greenness of the Nakdong River.

There is also a course around the Nakdong River by boat.
The narrator explains it on the ship and enjoys sailing.
That sounds like fun.

Finally, it is lunch time.
The last meal of the Andong Tour, “Heotjesatbap.”

Lunch: Heotjesatbap

Bibimbap with various vegetables, beef, shark meat, mackerel and Tangguk soup are clean and tasty.

There are various theories about the origin.

  1. Usually, we can’t eat sacrificial food, so we made bibimbap with the same ingredients as the ritual food.
  2. It is said that after the sacrifice, the food left behind was so bad that it was eaten after the sacrifice.
  3. Confucian scholar miss the ritual food so They say they made it up on purpose.

Anyways, Heotjesatbap in Andong, the home of Confucian culture, is far more famous than other regions.

After a solid lunch, we are heading toward “Imcheonggak.”



Imcheonggak is the birthplace of Seokju Lee Sang-ryong. Lee Sang-ryong, a teacher who practiced the noblesse oblige, disposes of the entire property and raises funds for independence.

It is His birthplace


You can have hanok stay at Imcheonggak, too.
A place where history lives and breathes,
In a house with a history and tradition containing the soul of the Republic of Korea.

Why don’t you have the honor of staying overnight?

The sad truth is that the railroad was laid in the middle of the house, which was originally 99 compartments, to break the spirit during the Japanese Colonial Period.

Even now, the railway is cutting the Imcheonggak in half.
By 2020? I don’t know if it’s from 2020 or the exact year.
Andong City and Government trying to change the track or the route.
We’ll be waiting for it to come back to the original Limcheonggak building.


There’s the Beopheungsa Temple Site just a short way to the left from Imcheonggak. I can see the seven-story tower standing tall in front of it.

It’s the largest and oldest tower in the country.
It is also sorry and sorry for sitting next to the railroad.

If you look closely, there are still tiles left on the third and fourth floors.
They say the tiles would have been attached to every floor if they were the way they were.

It is truly amazing and admirable to see it withstand the train vibrations that occur as it passes.

In addition, the Japanese government did not enough to lay the railroad tracks, so the base was painted with cement under the name of “conservative,” which damaged and transformed the original shape.

Behind Lim Cheong-gak, We are now on the last course of our Andong tour. Towards ‘Dosan Seowon’.

Seowon is relatively far away from downtown Andong, where it takes about an hour to run.

Dosan Seowon

Get out of the Dosan Seowon parking lot.
The road takes about 10 minutes to Seowon.

The Nakdonggang River, which flows gently next to it, is the first to be seen.

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Dosan Seowon
Dosan Seowon

A short time later, there is a small tiled building across the Nakdong River called ‘Sisadan’.

Dosan Seowon was famous at the place where 7,000 applicants came here to see the state examination.

With the sinking of the Andong Dam, Songrim has disappeared and a 10-meter-high pole has been built to represent the past.