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[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon: where Toegye Yi Hwang’s teachings remain

Andong Travel Dosan Seowon was built to honor and commemorate the learning and virtues of Yi Hwang, a scholar of the mid-Joseon Dynasty.

[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon
[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon

[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon was built to honor and commemorate the learning and virtues of Yi Hwang, a scholar of the mid-Joseon Dynasty.

[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon
[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon

Dosan seowon Confucian Academy,
The place where the teachings of Yi Hwang remain.


It takes about 40 minutes to get there by car in downtown Andong.
Dosan Seowon

But it’s worth it.

I’ve always wanted to come.

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[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon
[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon

I have to park my car in the parking lot and walk about 10 minutes to Dosan Seowon. The calm Nakdonggang River flows down to the right side of the entrance road.

A little wave touches the river.

Mostly as transparent as a mirror, without a single crease.

It is a clean Nakdong River.

A little walk along the entrance, you will see a small tile building on the other side. That’s called the ‘Sisadan’.

During the Joseon Dynasty, Dosan Seowon became so popular and students grew exponentially.

It is said that the actual state examination took place here in front of Dosan Seowon.

They put a problem in the middle of the Sisadan, and there were thousands of test takers sitting next to it, and they took a state examination.

Now, due to the construction of Andong Dam, The original Sisadan was flooded. It is said that the podium was stacked so high to mark the original position, and the Sisadan was moved on top of it.

Because It is a flat around, it’s a perfect place for thousands of test takers.

[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon
[Andong Travel] Dosan Seowon

After passing through Sisadan, there is a large vacant lot and an entrance into Dosan Seowon.

A large trees stands and Dosan Seowon peeps its head in between.

Go straight through the entrance to ‘Jeongyodang’, the center of Seowon.

The signboard of the jeongyodang is handwritten by Han Seok-bong and it is said that it was received by king Seonjo.

While looking around Dosan Seowon, the feeling I received was narrow and stuffy.

Was it built like this?

Or is it a structure built through someone’s hand that has crossed over to modern times?

Dosan Seowon
Dosan Seowon

Now, there is a class in Jeongyodang.

It seems that a cultural heritage commentator is making an explanation about Dosan Seowon to the general public.

I heard that the wall of Dosan Seowon was all a victim of the work of sanctuary job of historic sites in the 1970s.

This high wall, which is made up of concrete and marble, is very different from the original image, and I feel that it is disturbing to the feeling of the existing one.

Dosan Seowon
Dosan Seowon

As soon as I entered the entrance to Dosan Seowon, There’s a tree standing right there.

Under it, it is written with great pride who planted the tree and when.

Should I be proud?

Or should i feel anger at the way the Seowon has been built like this?

Anyway, if you feel that the teaching of Toegye teacher is completely melted in this Seowon, you succeed!

We mismanaged them and overworked them, and they’re going to be judged later years.

Dosan Seowon nakdong river
Dosan Seowon nakdong river

So I didn’t want to spend much time inside Dosan Seowon.

I just sat there and watched Dongjae and Seojae, and ended up picturing my ancestors studying, discussing, eating, sleeping and living here.

The Nakdonggang River was so blue that it contained all the nature around it.

The calm Nakdonggang River has all the surrounding scenery and sky in it.

Dosan Seowon nakdong river
Dosan Seowon nakdong river

I went through the entrance back where I came in. The small pine tree colony that made the wall along the street is so pretty.

The wall is a natural, and the height is constant and the spacing is constant, providing a sense of stability and refreshment.

Dosan Seowon nakdong river
Dosan Seowon nakdong river

How does it feel to slowly row along a small ferryboat up the Nakdong River and drift down the stream?

Just imagining it is so romantic and romantic.

Dosan Seowon pine tree path
Dosan Seowon pine tree path

In fact, Andong, which I had never thought much about except Hahoe Village. But there are so many hidden attractions in it.

Two days a night is too short.

I couldn’t even look around. It’s not enough time to feel the real Adnong.

I first knew that mask dance festival was a great festival. Andong is full of things to see and enjoy from Andong’s food culture to various tourist attractions.

See you later, Andong.

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