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[Andong Travel] Gyeomamjeongsa House: Where a cup of hot tea comes to mind

Gyeomamjeongsa House: Where a cup of hot tea comes to mind. A very small but cozy Korean house near Buyongdae, but people don't know about it and pass it.

[Andong Travel] Gyeomamjeongsa House
[Andong Travel] Gyeomamjeongsa House

Hahoe Village, Bongjeongsa Temple and Dosan Seowon are the first places you can hear when you visit Andong.

Among them, when people enter the Hahoe Village, they usually go to Hahoe Village, and if they have time, they go to Byeongsan Seowon, or Buyongdae cliff.

However, there is a very small but cozy Korean house near Buyongdae, but people don’t know about it and pass it.

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On January 23, 1979, it was designated as Important Folklore Material No.89. In the mid-Joseon period, the civil vassal of the Joseon Dynasty, Ryu Un-ryong, built the place to study and foster students.

Unlike a regular pavilion, it served as a seodang(Private school). Currently, Ryu Sang-bung is owned and manage it.

Ryu Seong-ryong’s brother-in-law, Ryu Un-ryong’s pavillion.

[Andong Travel] Gyeomamjeongsa House
[Andong Travel] Gyeomamjeongsa House

There are two main ways to get from Hahoe Village to Gyomamjeongsa.

One is to go by car. It should be moved about 10 minutes by car to gyeomamjeongsa from Hahoe Village.

Or use a ferry in the town of Hahoe village.
Come over to Buyongdae cliff and go down to the opposite direction.

It only sell drinks here at Gyomamjeongsa.
All menus are cash charged.

From Traditional Tea to Western Coffee, it doesn’t have many menus, but A place full of everything else.

From Gyomamjeongsa, you can see Hahoe Village in the distance.
Hahoe Village, which is not high enough as Buyongdae, but is visible from just the right height.

A place of great beauty.
A place that best matches nature and breathes tradition alive.

You can’t come to a place like this and drink anything.
Andong Sikhye(sweet rice drink) with floating ice.

There are two kinds of sikhye in Andong.

One is a red Andong traditional sikhye.
Andong Traditional Sikhye made by adding radish and ginger in water with chili powder.

And another Andong Sikhye is a common white sikhye called Gamju.

Many people think that the traditional sikhye was eaten by the yangban family in Andong. But In fact, red sikhye is not a sikhye eaten by yangban, but by ordinary people.

Yangban family didn’t use red pepper to keep their food clean.

If you sit in the living room of Gyeomamjeongsa, you can see the Nakdonggang River flowing through Hahoe Village and the town of Hahoe Village.

Mansongjeong Forest covered the Hahoe Village buildings, the fun of painting the buildings in it by imagination.

A very comfortable and quiet village with a combination of cozy and surrounding mountains.

What’s better is that I’m sitting on the floor of a Gyeomamjeongsa, feeling the wind blowing naturally, listening to the leaves swaying and sitting quietly with a cup of tea.

I like this place best.

Hahoe village buyongdae cliff
Hahoe village buyongdae cliff

The last one is the schedule for climbing to Buyongdae cliff along the road next to Gyumamjeongsa.

It takes only about ten minutes to get up to Buyongdae.

As you climb, the landscape changes overlooking the town of Hahoe add to the pleasure of walking.

The best way to understand Hahoe Village is to come to Buyongdae first.
Get on the Buyongdae then look down to Hahoe Village.
Get the Hahoe village at a glance, Looking at the distance, the area, the perimeter between the building.

If you learn the senses with your eyes, you will find it much easier to look around and understand of Hahoe village.

Hahoe village buyongdae cliff
Hahoe village buyongdae cliff

It is often said that autumn is the most beautiful season in Hahoe village.

Autumn, where golden ripe rice is lying.
They say the two weeks before the harvest time is the most beautiful.

Now, it is already autumn, exactly entering the winter. but it still beautiful.

Next year, I’ll come back to see Hahoe village filled with golden fields.



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