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[Andong Travel] Korean style fireworks festival_Seonyu julbul nori

Seonyu julbul nori is the essence of Yangban's play culture with elegance. It's a fireworks that runs only twice a year, so it's hard to watch it on time.

Korean style fireworks festival_Seonyu julbul nori
Korean style fireworks festival_Seonyu julbul nori

When we say Andong, the first thing to come in our mind is Hahoe Village.
What about Hahoe Village?

Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong.
Gyeomam Ryu Yun-Ryong.

And Korean traditional fireworks that only people who know, Seonyu julbul nori.

Seonyu julbul nori is the essence of Yangban’s play culture with elegance and flavor.

It’s a fireworks display that runs only twice a year, so it’s hard to watch it on time.

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Korean style fireworks festival_Seonyu julbul nori
Korean style fireworks festival_Seonyu julbul nori

The highlights and main fireworks of seonyu julbul nori are the Julbul.

When the firework begins, the fire is lit up with a line connecting Buyongdae cliff and Hahoe Village.

I was wondering how that flame was made.
It is made Mix bark powder with the mulberry charcoal powder and add a little salt to fill the bag.

Then light the fire and send it up to the buyongdae cliff and slowly burn, the flame flows down.

The slow flow of the flame is spectacular.

As I watched from beginning to end, the whole Seonyu julbul nori was divided into five stages.

The first one is Julbulnori.
This is the main and highlight.
A scene where flames flow down the line between Buyongdae and Hahoe Village.

Second one is an egg fire.
Egg Fireworks slowly flow down the Nakdong River after sending 200 to 300 eggs at a time near the brother rock above Buyongdae cliff.

Third one is the falling fireworks.
Fire a bundle tied with a pine branch on a buyongdae cliff and drop it on the river.

It is spectacular to see a red fireball crumbling against a rock as it climbs down the cliff.
And every time we drop a pine branch, we all cry ‘Nakhwaya~!’

Fourth one is lanterns.
In the middle of the egg fire and the falling fire, there was a part that put up dozens of lanterns.

And the last & fifth on is Western style fireworks.
A Western style fireworks display is finally set off on the Buyongdae.

And those who wear the fine korean traditional coating on the wooden boat that originally shuttles from hahoe village to Buyongdae cliff.

Falling fireworks begin in the middle of the festival. When you shout “Nakhwaya” together, the pine branches on fire is falling off the cliff of Buyongdae.

Several Nakhwa falls are made and Flames of Julbul and flames that falling from the Nakhwa blend well together.

And the last fireworks.
A western-style pop-out fireworks.
As the Western style fireworks end, seonyu julbul nori ends.

I’d like to make a general comment on the fireworks of seonyu julbul nori.

First of all, the good thing is,
It means a traditional Korean fireworks display and It’s not a flame that goes up like the western style, but a flame that flows down.

The wind is shaking and the flame on the julbul is falling into the sky. It is really beautiful.
When i Focuse on, it makes me feel like watching a scene or a CG in a movie.

A beautiful festival where the egg fire flowing down the river and all these sparks are well harmonized.

But the thing that leave much to be desired is music with the host.

The host’s voice is too loud and the sync is out. In addition, the music that comes out of the air is the western festival music.
Is this music suitable for Korean traditional fireworks?
Bright, festive music with no concentration at all interfere the Julnul nori Festival.

If traditional music were to come out,
How good would it be to turn the volume down quietly and come out quietly? It leaves such regrets.

Explaining the differences from the Western style fireworks in the explanation of the festival and prides themselves on the significance of julbulnori, Why end the last highlight fireworks with Western-style fireworks?

Wouldn’t it be a more beautiful finish if we could just go on with the tradition fireworks and finish it?

Of course, I admit that the fireworks that pop up for tourists are attractive and have a lot of things to see, but wouldn’t it still suit the purpose of tradition?

This festival leaves much to be desired. There aren’t many places where we celebrate korean traditional firework.
I know Andong Hahoe Village and one more area. I thought it was only for the 2 places.

I want to regain the meaning of the festival by utilizing the meaning of tradition


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