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[Andong Travel] Styling Korean Cafe & Restaurant_Pungjeon Cafe

Andong pungjeon cafe, A variety of dishes using Yam. In the future, i will experience various dishes using andong yam in Andong.

Styling Korean Cafe & Restaurant_Pungjeon Café
Styling Korean Cafe & Restaurant_Pungjeon Café

Andong pungjeon cafe
Andong pungjeon cafe

Andong, the capital of spiritual culture.

Tourists, restaurants, etc. have been touring every corner of Andong in recent months.

This expedition trip was a chance to get to know Andong properly.

The first place I’m going to visit is a cafe and restaurant called Pungjeon in Pungsan-eup, Andong.

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Usually, it passes through Pungjeon Town to pass Andong Hahoe Village.

Whether it’s from Andong or Seoul, it’s going to pass by, There is an atmosphere of hanok-style cafe and restaurant in Pungjeon-eup.


The large courtyard has a spacious and cozy atmosphere.

Inside is a fusion of Western and Oriental styles.
There are floors, desks and chairs.

Andong pungjeon cafe
Andong pungjeon cafe

The props that remind you of old memories.
A space with a modern touch.

Go to the counter, order, sit down and wait.
First, let’s take a drink and talk.

What’s so special about here?
Signature food is the menu using ‘Yam’.

Andong is famous for its Yam.
It accounts for 70 percent of the country’s yam production and well-known for being highly cultivated and of good quality.

If people go to Andong, they remember Hahoe village, steamed chicken, and salted mackerel. But Andong, which is full of various agricultural products and food.

Of course, it is not easy for ordinary tourists to know the Yam that are used as herbal medicines and are not familiar to the public.

The Andong Preliminary trip is a trip with Andong’s representative crop, Yam.

Here’s the signature dish of the pungjeon. It’s the pungjeon pasta.

Korean-style pasta with cream sauce and seasonal vegetables using Andong Yam. Slightly spicy, but full of the flavor of the vegetables and the aroma of the yam.

The second representative menu of the Pungjeon, which was served after Korean pasta using Andong Cham-yam is the ‘Pungjeon Hamburger Steak’.

Handmade patty and marinated sauce, and fried rice with burdock.
There’s a piece of cheese and a half-boiled egg on top of the handmade patty. Spaghetti noodles are also mixed with sweet sauce.

Hamburger Steak was the main dish, and now dessert.
Banana French toast is the signature dessert menu in this cafe.

Baked bananas and sweet bread, with a sour cranberry sauce.

Let’s take a nice picture before. But I have to eat before it gets cold. Let’s hurry up and eat.

I ate sweet pasta, hamburger Steak, banana toast for dessert.
I’m so full.

A variety of dishes using Yam. In the future, i will experience various dishes using andong yam in Andong.

The trip to Andong starts now.

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