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[Culture and Tourism Festival] Jeju Fire Festival

Wildfire, rising with hope

Jeju Fire Festival (제주들불축제)
Jeju Fire Festival (제주들불축제)

[Festival introduction]

The Jeju Wild fire Festival is a representative festival in Jeju Island that modernizes the wildfire(Bangae), a pastoral culture of Jeju Island. At the Jeju Wildfire Festival, which is held every March at Saebyeol Oreum, a wildfire is placed on the Oreum (Parasite Volcano) to embroider the night sky red.

The sight of red flames swaying along the large oreum is truly spectacular. Not only Koreans but also foreigners are visiting to see this special night view. In addition to wildfire, spectacular attractions such as a media facade show that illuminates the entire oreum as a large screen, a torch march, and a volcanic flame show, which means the birth of volcanic island Jeju, are provided.

In addition, traditional Jeju cultural performances and experience programs will be held, and food trucks will gather near the venue to taste various foods.

[Festival tip] What is “Bangae”?

It is Jeju’s pasture culture that eliminates old grass, pests, and ticks by setting fire to pastures where cows and horses eat grass every spring. Ashes from wildfires are used as fertilizer, and healthy grasses are said to have grown on the neatly maintained pastures.

[Contents of the event]

  • Wildfire: Jeju’s old livestock culture, which eliminates pests and old grass, is carried out in line with modern times.
  • Fireworks: A spectacular and high-quality fireworks show is presented through various fireworks production.
  • Making a wish moon house: Make a moon house to contain wishes.
  • Jeju Traditional Culture Performance: Several performances containing Jeju’s traditional culture will be held.
  • Torch Parade: Wishing for safety and well-being, holding a torch and climbing Saebyeol Oreum.
  • Media facade show: It is a media show that illuminates Saebyeol Oreum.

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