Seoul Capital Area

Floating Island[Sevit island]

Seoul Floating Island(sebit island) is a culture complex made up of three floating islands located near the southern end of Banpo Bridge.

Seocho-gu, Seoul

Some Sevit[Floating Island]
Some Sevit[Floating Island]


Floating Island[sebit island] is a culture complex made up of three floating islands located near the southern end of Banpo Bridge.

For travelers, the night comes as another attraction. Moreover, it goes without saying that the night view of the city is colored with colorful colors.

Sebit Island(Floating Island) at the southern end of Banpo Bridge and Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain are emerging as night view attractions in Seoul. 

Sebit Island, the world’s first water-based cultural space built on the Han River, is also famous for filming Avengers 2, and refers to three islands – “Charbit Island,” “Solbit Island,” and “Garbit Island.” 

Combined with the night view of Sebit Island, which is decorated with colorful LED lights, the moonlit rainbow fountain that springs from below from banpo bridge and the colorful lights that shine through the water stream combine with the music to lay down the night of the Han River.

The three islands are divided into the first (Vista), the second (Viva) and the third (Terra)

Charbit Island

The first island, which features flowers in full bloom, consists of three floors with an architectural floor area of 5,490 square meters.

It has facilities such as convention halls and restaurants that can hold various events such as international conferences, reception, production presentation, and marketing events. 

Solbit Island,

The second island, shaped like a flower bud, consists of three floors with an architectural area of 3,426 square meters and is used as a venue to host cultural experience events such as performances and exhibitions, as well as conferences and seminars. 

Garbit Island

The third island, which features seeds, consists of a two-story building area of 1,078 square meters and is used as a water sports space. In addition, the Media Art Gallery, equipped with a large LED and water stage, is used as a cultural and artistic space for various events

Operating Hours 
Varies by facility 
*Please refer to official website for more details.

Parking Facilities 
Available (Banpo Hangang Park)

Admission Fees 

Available Facilities 
[Gavit] CNN café, Ola (Italian restaurant), FIC Convention Hall, Vista, Observation deck
[Chavit] Chavit cusine (buffet)
[Solvit] Space for cultural events
[Yevit] Media art gallery


Parking Fees 
Daily parking: 1,000 won for first 30 minutes / 200 won for each additional 10 minutes
(* Max. daily fare: 10,000 won)
Monthly parking: 50,000 won

Operating hours: April-October 09:00-23:00 / November-March 09:00-21:00 

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