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[Gangwondo Travel] A new attraction in Gangwon-do_Balwangsan Tourist Cable Car

Balwangsan Tourist Cable Car, which is 7.4km long. You will be immersed in the gentle beauty of the sky and the freshness of nature.

A new attraction in Gangwon-do_Balwangsan Tourist Cable Car
A new attraction in Gangwon-do_Balwangsan Tourist Cable Car

Balwangsan Tourist Cable Car,

which is 7.4km round trip, Korea’s largest-long Balwangsan tourist cable car.

You will be immersed in the gentle beauty of the sky and the freshness of nature.

Fine dust in Seoul continues for a week without ending. So, i headed to Yongpyong the next day.

As we got close to Yongpyeong by highway, the blue sky and white clouds came as bright as they appeared from hiding. The air felt clean, too.

I can see the blue sky for a day .. I feel refreshed.

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Adult ₩20,000(round-trip) , ₩16,000(one-way)
Child ₩16,000(round-trip) , ₩12,000(one-way)
※ Child refers to an age under 12

Business Hour
9:00 ~ 20:00

+82 33-330-7423


It is called the “Mother’s Mountain” as the meaning of the mountain that gives birth to the king. Since ancient times, water has been plentiful and clean, which is said to have the energy of life-bearing and birth, and the energy of the warm earth that helps people to relax and sleep well.

Balwangsan Mountain, the 12th highest mountain in Korea, has beautiful sunrise and sunset. In the new year, you can see the new sun, make a wish, and at sunset you can see the bright sunset.

Sunshine between the sea of ​​clouds spreading down Mount Balwang is spectacular. The rising peaks of the sea of ​​clouds, which stretch between the mountains and the mountains, inspire endless admiration.

The stars pour clearly in the night sky. Finding a constellation is another attraction of Mount Balwang.

In autumn, Balwangsan Mountain, which is colored with colorful autumn foliage, has a cool breeze and a beautiful atmosphere with a wide chest.

The winter of Balwangsan comes first in our country. Hoarfrost on the tree, which hurriedly announces the winter starting in November, is showing off its appearance in any sword wind, which makes the illusion that it seems to have come to the Winter Kingdom.

The Balwangsan Sky Park has a tranquil, quiet atmosphere and a mysterious atmosphere.

Balwangsan Mountain is at the center of the Korean Wave, including “Winter Sonata,” which was the beginning of hallyu dramas, and the recent drama “Goblin”.

On the way to Dragon Castle, you can enjoy the colorful four-season scenery of Mt. Balwang for 3.7km and 20 minutes to reach the top in a rainbow-colored fun cable car.

1,458m peak of Balwangsan Mountain. Mt. Balwang tourist cable car round trip 7.4km.

It takes 18 minutes from the Dragon Plaza boarding point to the 1,458m altitude of Balwangsan Peak Dragon Peak.

Looking down from the sky, Mount Balwang reminds us of the frozen kingdom.

There is a ‘Mayumok’ at Mt. Balwang which means the only rowan in the world. The Chinese word for the rowan, Maamok, means that the new shoot sprouts like a horse’s teeth.

The yew is the longest life tree in the world. It also has the nickname “a thousand years of life” and “a thousand years of death.”

In Korea, Yew tree was a symbol of longevity, and there was a custom of presenting a cane stick to the elderly to pray for disease-free longevity.

In addition, Buddhism swears an unchanging faith for a long time by cutting down Buddha statues with stone-like yew tree.

The Balwangsan cable car goes back and forth at night as a rainbow cable car. Unlike the day, Mt. Balwang, where darkness falls, is filled with bitter winds and light from a rainbow cable car.

The nightly operation of the Balwangsan cable car is open until 8 p.m.
(Night service runs until the end of March.)

Balwangsan Mountain is easily climbed by anyone in spring and fall due to its soft and no rough terrain, but in winter, there is a lot of wind and snow, so you have to equip yourself for the winter mountain.

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