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[Haenam Travel] The end of the Korean Peninsula, but another beginning_Ttangkkeut Village[Observation]

Korea Ttangkkeut Village is literally located in the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula. It feels more like an island than an island in the water.

The end of the Korean Peninsula, but another beginning_Korea Ttangkkeut Village[Observation]
The end of the Korean Peninsula, but another beginning_Ttangkkeut Village[Observation]

Korea Ttangkkeut Village

is literally located in the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula. It feels more like an island than an island in the water.

At 34 degrees 17 minutes and 21 seconds north latitude, the end of Mt. Galdu in Songmyeon, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do is the southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula.

Galdu Village under Sajabong is better known as the Korea Ttangkkeut Village(Land End’s Village), and it is worth visiting because it has an observatory on Sajabong Peak, which is 156.2 meters above sea level, and a space where poems related to the end of the earth are gathered to make various sightseeing.

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N/A (Open all year round )

Admission Fees
[Observatory (09:00-18:00)]
Adults: Individual 1,000 won / Group 700 won
Youths: Individual 700 won / Group 500 won
Children (ages 7 and up) Individual 500 won / Group 300 won


When you climb the 40-meter-high land-end observatory that depicts the image of a dynamic torch, you can see the beautiful landscape of Dadohae, a combination of islands and oceans, including Black Island, Baekildo island, Bogildo island and Nohwa Island, and Jeju Island’s Halla Mountain if the weather is nice.

It is a place where the sunrise and sunset festivals are held every year. After coming out of the observatory, you can look around the peak of Mt. Galdusan, which is known to have been made in the early Joseon Dynasty, and go down 500 meters to meet the triangle-shaped earth tower facing the sea, which represents the moving feeling of standing at the Korea Ttangkkeut Village(the end of the Korean Peninsula) and looking at the sea.

At last, the end of the earth, where is the sunrise?

When we get to the end of the land village, let’s get some brochures from the tourist information center first. There is a map of the entire land-end village, which helps to plan the route

The tourist information center is located near the dock where boats to Bogil and Nohwa Island come and go, and is located at the busiest spot in the land-end village. There are restaurants, accommodations, and convenience stores, and express buses connecting Gwangju and Mokpo will be carried from here.

Let’s start with the observatory and the tower. To look around the land-end village, it is better to park near the dock or near the monorail office. A coastal walkway will be held next to the monorail office that runs to the Land End Observatory. The trail leads to the Songhori Auto Camping Resort as well as the Land End Observatory and the land End Tower.

The true land end of the land, the road leading to the land end tower can be walked by all ages. As a bonus, the scene is accompanied by a stunning Dadohae Ocean. It takes about 20 minutes. In contrast, the road to the land-end observatory is slightly steep.

The sun penetrating into the sea facing the end of the earth tower provides something special for those who find it. This is why the land-end tower is considered the sunset point.

To get to the Land End Observatory from the Land End Tower, you have to go back a little bit. Still, the two are 400 meters away. Upstairs stairs lead to the observatory, which is located at the top of Mt. Galdu (156m), so if the joints are not good, take the monorail to the observatory.

It’s okay to use the monorail (4,000 won round trip, 3,000 won one way) when heading up and head down to the top of the ground on your way down. If you have more time, you can walk from the land end tower to Songhori Auto Camping Resort.

The entrance to the trail faces the marina, which is considered a point of sunrise. Shipyard~Monorail Office~ Land End Observatory~ land End Tower~The trail leading to Songho-ri Auto Camping Resort is definitely popular among people who like to walk.

If you go up to the Land End Observatory (approximately 1,000 won for admission fee), you will see the blue sea of the South Sea and The Ttangkkeut Village(Land End’s Village) is at a glance.

If possible, watch the sunset from the land-end tower. The end of the year from the end of the Korean Peninsula will be a special experience. Why don’t we listen to the first year of the new year at the island next to the dock?

Maemseom island, named after a pair of cicadas, is a famous sunrise point at the southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula. You may be a little disappointed by the usual figure in the sea right in front of the sea. This is the background of the earthly sunrise that we have seen.

On January 1, the Sun Sunrise Festival will be held at the edge of the Observatory. Let’s throw all the bad things in the passing year and raise new hopes in the new year.

This is the farthest land away from Seoul, but is definitely the end and starting point of the road to Seoul.

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