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Itaewon Special Tourist Zone

Itaewon Special Tourist Zone is an entertainment expecting for exotic global food, colorful night culture and pleasant shopping.

Itaewon Special Tourist Zone is an entertainment expecting for exotic global food, colorful night culture and pleasant shopping.

Since the Joseon Dynasty, the Yongsan area, including Itaewon, is the main point of traffic on the Han River. because of this advantage, it was used as an Military Base for colonization during the Japanese occupation and it was used as U.S. base camp after liberation.

In modern times, U.S. troops in Itaewon have moved to Pyeongtaek, but the area is still bustling with foreigners in the walls.

Itaewon, where foreign diplomatic missions and foreigners were concentrated early on the U.N. Village, was naturally home to exotic restaurants and shops.

There are restaurants that can enjoy various flavors of the global community, including French, Italian, Thai, India and Turkey, and big-size clothes and direct imports for large foreigners are also readily available.

There are also antique furnitures and shops selling props in Itaewon. As the first of the five special tourist zones to be designated in 1997, the Itaewon Global Village Festival takes place every October, continuing its own identity as a “small global village in Seoul.”

Itaewon Antique Furniture Street

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Itaewon Special Tourist Zone

Itaewon Antique Furniture Street : The Itaewon Antique Furniture Street was formed in the 1960s when American soliders stationed in Yongsan sold their furniture before returning back to the States.

Over the years, the area has grown into a major furniture street where shoppers can find pieces from all over the world. Along with furniture, there is a large selection of wall clocks, tea sets, and interior design items that are not readily available elsewhere.

Food to Eat

Food to eat : The main street of Itaewon’s “Mokbang” is a narrow alleyway behind the Hamilton Hotel. Many of the chefs at foreign restaurants here are locals.

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Itaewon Special Tourist Zone

Current Status
Special Tourist Zone (Designated on September 29, 1997)

Parking Facilities
Available (6 parking lots in the area)

Available Facilities
Tourist information center, stores exclusively for foreigners, foreign restaurants, currency exchange, shopping mall, tourist restaurants, entertainment facilities, tourist hotels, etc.

Restrooms in 22 buildings, including hotels and shopping malls are available.

Permitted on the streets and in some shops. Some restaurants do not allow pets.

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