Seoul Capital Area

Jangchung-dong Jokbal Street

Today, the jokbal restaurants continue to serve one of the most sought Korean food from the main road and the alleyways of the Jangchungdong

Jung-gu, Seoul

Jangchung-dong Jokbal Street
Jangchung-dong Jokbal Street


The phenomenon of Jangchungdong Jokbal Street started 50 years ago with the opening of two Korean jokbal (steamed pig trotters) restaurants, followed by the influx of new jokbal restaurants during the late 70s and early 80s.

If you walk all the way out of Exit 3 of Dongguk University Station on Subway Line 3, you can meet signboards that ‘the origin of Jokbal’, which is the beginning of Jangchungdong Jokbal Alley. 

Jokbal is best served with ginger and garlic, boiled several times a day so that there is no smell of meat, and it has a soft, sticky texture. 

If you soak it in salted shrimp, the flavor is also good. 

If you add makguksu(buckwheat noodles), which is perfect match with jokbal, it’s icing on the cake.

Wraping Jokbal with a of sweet-and-sour makguksu is a famous ‘How to enjoy Jokbal’ method among foodies people.

After dinner, ice cream[ Taegeukdang ]

Three minutes from “Jokbal House in Pyeongan-do restaurant” and opposite Jokbal Alley is a 70-year-old bakery called “Taegeukdang”
The famous menu is Monaka Ice Cream. Let’s soothe the mouth with cold ice cream.

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