[Jeju Travel] A one day trip on the west coast of Jeju Island

One day trip to jeju island. I'll introduce you a bunch of beautiful cafe i've been and things to see on a west Coast area of Jeju island.

A one day trip on the west coast of Jeju Island
A one day trip on the west coast of Jeju Island

One day trip to jeju island.

I’ll introduce you a bunch of beautiful cafe i’ve been and things to see on a west Coast area of Jeju island.

It is a recommended One-day tour in Jeju travel story. It’s my first time going to Jeju Island for one day. I’ll introduce you a bunch of beautiful cafe i’ve been and things to see on a west Coast area of Jeju island.

You can take a flight at the Gimpo airport which is cheap and easy way to go to the jeju island and come back to Seoul at the same day evening.

Nowadays, if you are lucky or have a plan to go to the jeju island on a weekday, it is easy to get a round ticket as a cheap price. So easy!!

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1. Jeju Haepum Restaurant

First, i go for late lunch. The time is about eleven o’clock. In order to eat three meals in Jeju Island, I have to eat breakfast late. so I can have lunch and dinner.

The late morning in Jeju Island is solved with seaweed bibimbap. Bowl full of fragrant sea smell. Mix plenty of special sauce and mix then i eat it.

Along with seaweed bibimbap, I also eat tteokgalbi made from Jeju pork and grilled abalone.


Opening Hours


2. Aewol Cafe Street & Olle Trail

After a late breakfast, I walk down because there is a famous cafe nearby. The yellow building that you can see far away is the destination. Is it a filming location for a drama?

Anyway, to have lunch, i have to keep moving and burn calories. I have to work hard and go down.

Jeju Island, where it rained until yesterday. Fortunately, there is no rain today and a strong wind is blowing from far away. And the clouds that fill the sky.

I’m going down to my destination with a cool sea breeze. Jeju Bomnal Cafe? a yellow that stands out from a distance.

Anyway, this is the place where the drama was filmed. Now, the place where the guest house and cafe run together.

You have to buy coffee to get in there. Or stay in the dorm. It’s a little small for a guest house. Anyway, this place has a refreshing atmosphere. This place is also a place for drama shooting, so I see a lot of foreign tourists.

I’m in a lot of cafes today, so I don’t think I can have another cup of coffee here. I’m just gonna go look around.


3. Aewol The Sunset Cafe

Now that i’ve eaten, i should have coffee, right? I came here because I heard there is a famous cafe. Let’s have a coffee break.

This cafe is called ‘Aewol the Sunset Cafe’.

I think the pictures of people sitting here on chairs that are out here became famous on social media. But it’s narrower than I thought. It’s nice except it’s narrow.

They’ve got a nice outdoor garden, but I can’t get in there. They made a way out of white stone but I can’t get out


Opening Hours


4. Sinchang Windmill Coastal Road

Next stop is Sinchang Windmill Coastal Road. From Aewol, take the coast road and come straight down. Where the generator installed on the beach is attractive.

When you say there’s a generator, it means there’s a lot of wind in here. As expected, the wind blows hard. It is so strong that one’s body is floundering.

I runs slowly along the coast road again and goes down all the way to the south of Jeju Island. It’s a weekday, so there’s no cars and the roads are quiet. I run slowly, and then I stop for a while and watch. And then i start again.

The light falling through the clouds makes my eyes dizzy. The clouds are fading away and the light is getting stronger.


5. Songaksan Mountain

The second destination is Songaksan Mountain. I didn’t schedule it in advance, so i schedule was improvised. I just wanted to come here for some reason. And to the mountain next to it.

The grass was all lying down in the strong wind. I’m about to lie down.

Is that Mt. Halla you see over there? Every time I came to Jeju Island, I looked at Mt. Halla, but I couldn’t see it because of the cloud. I can’t see anything higher than that around here.

Only half of Songak Mountain goes up and down again. I only have one day, but i have a plan to go a lot of places, so i’m going to the next place.

Actually, it’s lunch time. I had breakfast around 11 a.m., so lunch is around 2 p.m.? So i can have dinner again.


6. Unjunginae Restaurant

Unjunginae is the most generous and affectionate restaurant in Jeju Island. The reason why it named “Unjung” is because they always wanted to serve a good food with the feeling that their daughter Unjung has always wanted to serve good food with the heart.

If you want to taste the essence of cutlassfish dishes that can taste of Jeju Island, you should come here.

I wasn’t very hungry, but when I see food, my stomach signals me to ask for food.

Jeju Galchi(Cutlassfish), which is baked in whole, is long. Wow… it’s huge. After all, it is delicious and continues to eat. That’s how the food here is emptied.


Opening Hours


7. 1100 Highland Ecological Swamp

1100 Highland Ecological Swamp
1100 Highland Ecological Swamp

Have lunch and head to 1100 Highland. My schedule is to go ahead and relax and go to the airport after dinner, looking at the sunset sitting in the cafe.

I stopped at the 1,100 highland rest stop and looked around, and there’s already an snow on the top. My body shakes.

1100 Highland Ecological Swamp
1100 Highland Ecological Swamp

They say this is the best place to see the fall foliage on Mt. Halla. But I’m a step behind. The fall leaves of Hallasan can be seen only one month before the fall season.


Opening Hours


8. KOALA Cafe

I’m moving back to the shore. As the sun goes down, the color changes little by little. I look forward to the sunset this evening. That’s amazing. I’m going to go to a nearby cafe and enjoy myself.

Golden yellow, fantastic glow. The cafe is just behind me, but I can’t get in. The wind is cold. I’ve had enough. Now go in to the cafe. I’m gonna take a hot drink and rest.

A café with a view. A large window gives you a glimpse of the sea of Jeju. Besides, there is no one. Maybe it’s an unknown cafe.

The sunset is getting stronger. It’s like all the light in the world is coming from one place and then exploding.


Free tangerine tasting
Free tangerine tasting

When I went down from the cafe, I could see the place where the tangerine is sold. I ate some free tastings, but it was so delicious so i go into the store and ordered two boxes of tangerine..

Unfortunately, I decided to solve the dinner at the airport because of traffic and time. Now i headed for the airport.

I decided to eat black pork for dinner, but I couldn’t..

A one-day trip to Jeju Island that is still short but influential. This is good. If only I could get a cheap ticket!

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