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JeongDong Street

JeongDong Street is a typical dating course for Seoulites. It's beautiful all four seasons, but autumn is the best season for falling leaves.

Jung-gu, Seoul

Jeong Dong-gil
Jeong Dong-gil


A typical dating course for Seoulites. It’s beautiful all four seasons, but autumn is the best season for falling leaves.

It is a road from Kyunghyang Shinmun(newspaper) to Jeongdong Rotary, where Jeongdong Theater is located.

It takes less than 30 minutes to walk, but the stone walls of Deoksugung Palace and the charming street trees create a tranquil atmosphere.

The site of the old Russian Legation in the middle of Jeongdong-gil is Korea royal refuge at the Russian legation place where King Gojong escaped from his body after Queen Empress Myeongseong was assassinated.

Currently, only three-story tall spires remain.

Jungmyeongjeon Hall

Jungmyeongjeon Hall, a two-story building next to Jeongdong Theater, was where King Gojong met foreign envoys and also a place of misfortune Japan-Korea Treaty of 1905 and imposed by force as well.

 Jungmyeongjeon Hall
Jungmyeongjeon Hall

Chungdong First Methodist Church

Chungdong First Methodist Church :
It is the first Western-style building in Protestantism and is located in the center of Jeongdong-gil.

In 1885, Appenzeller (H.G.) who was a Methodist missionary in the U.S. made it into a place where worship services were held. At that time, there was a Pai Chai School and Ewha School near the church, which provided a new education and newspaper for students, and was also used as a secret gathering place for independence activists.

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