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Jjimjilbang[Korean dry sauna]

Korea's jjimjilbang culture, which relaxes the body and mind while sitting in a hot sauna, is unique.



Korea’s jjimjilbang culture, which relaxes the body and mind while sitting in a hot sauna, is unique. 

Jjimjilbang refers to a facility made for steaming in a hot room. 

In Jjimjil, “jjim” means “to cure a disease by dipping your body into hot springs or hot sand or water.”

jjimjilbang is literally a form of hot rooms that can be steamed into existing baths. 

Jjimjilbang, which releases bodily waste through sweating and relieves muscle pain in the shoulder and neck, helps restore fatigue and relieve stress as well as improve metabolism.

Jjimjilbang is a type of development of public bath, offering a comprehensive service of baths, hot springs, saunas, and Korean steam membranes in one place. 

The Jjimjilbang, which emerged amid the fever for start-ups during the 1997 IMF financial crisis, was exported to the U.S.

Recently, there are also large-scale jjimjilbangs that people can do baths, meals, exercise, skin care, sleep and entertainment all at once, which can be understood as complex leisure spaces, not just bath facilities. 

Jjimjilbang is also used as a social venue. It is used as a place where neighbors meet to strengthen friendship, just like a reception room in the past. 

Jjimjilbangs are also used as lodging facilities where people can spend a night at low prices because of the spatial characteristics of sleeping. 

Some argue that the origin of jjimjilbang culture should be found in Ondol culture(Heating system), a traditional Korean culture, while others say that the reason for popular success of jjimjilbangs is the constitution of Koreans.

Recently, a growing number of foreign tourists are using jjimjilbangs, and many of them upload their pictures on social media wearing woolen towels and eating eggs with sweet rice drinks.

Operating Hours 
It depends on each JJimjilbang shop.

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