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Kimbap / Dried Seaweed Rolls

It is rolled up with rice and various ingredients in a dried seaweed.
Kimbap / Dried Seaweed Rolls
Kimbap / Dried Seaweed Rolls

Kimbap is one of the most common foods in Korea. Nowadays, there are various kinds, such as cream cheese, tuna, and beef.

About Gimbap/Dried Seaweed Rolls

It is rolled up with rice and various ingredients in a dried seaweed. Rice is seasoned with salt or mixed with vinegar, salt, and sugar to make seasoned rice.

Add the ingredients, such as pickled radish, egg, fish cake, beef, carrot, spinach, etc. When going on a picnic or outing, use it as a lunch box or snack.

Recently, ingredients such as kimchi, tuna, and cheese is added to make a variety of flavors. 

Depending on the shape, there are many kinds of kimbap, such as triangular kimbap with dried seaweed, small gimbap made small enough to fit into a child’s mouth, and nude kimbap, which wrapped the ingredients with dried seaweed and made the rice come out 

In addition, there is Chungmu kimbap, which packs dried seaweed with plain rice and serves side dishes separately.


  • 2 sheets of seaweed
  • 2 bowls of rice(500g)
  • sausage(100g)
  • fish cakes(40g)
  • 1 egg
  • cucumber (45g)
  • carrot (50g)
  • sesame oil (1-tablespoon/tbsp)
  • salt

How to Make, Kimbap Recipe

Kimbap carrot

Cut the carrot into long strips.(It’s easy to use tool)

Kimbap cucumber

Same as carrot. Cut the cucumber into long strips. (also recommend you to use the tool)

Kimbap fish cake

Same as before. Cut the fish cakes into long strips.

cut the egg

Scramble an egg and cook it in a pan.(make sure it should be flat)

After that, Cut it into strips.

grill the carrot

Sprinkle with salt, and lightly brown in a pan.

(Same as cucumber & Fish cake)

roll the Kimbap

Place a sheet of the toasted seaweed on a bamboo mat.

Thinly spread the rice to cover 60% of the sheet of seaweed

make a roll

Place each of the ingredients on the seaweed and roll.

While you roll, press tightly to shape the roll. Also make it gentle enough as to not damage the seaweed.

Cut the rolled-Kimbap

Cut the rolled-gimbap into 2cm-size pieces.

It is important to cook rice properly without too much moisture to prevent the rice from being overly sticky. 


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