Seoul Capital Area

Korea ChinaTown, Daerim-dong

Daelim-dong is a Chinatown where you can taste mainland Chinese food.

Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul



Daerim-dong is a Chinatown where you can taste mainland Chinese food. 

The street is filled with signboards with Chinese characters written on a red background when you come out to Daerim Station Exit 12 and meet Daelim Central Market. 

Daelim-dong is the place where the most Chinese live in Seoul. 

In the Chinatown in Daelim-dong, there are many famous Chinese restaurants that sell a variety of Chinese dishes, ranging from traditional to fusion such as Mara Stew and Hot pot(steamboat).

Many restaurants have Korean menus, but some do not speak Korean at all.

In the middle of the street, lambs are baked round and round, and brown duck heads lie neatly, waiting for guests. 

Some people are looking to buy thin skin tofu. These days, a lot of Koreans visit this place.

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