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[Korea Travel] A forest with beautiful winter_Wondaeri Birch Forest

The Wondae-ri birch forest, which some say is prettier and more enchanting than the birch forest of Northern Europe.

A forest with beautiful winter
Birch Forest log cabin

Winter Wondaeri Birch Forest,

Thousands of birch trees fill the white snow. When I enter the forest, I feel like a fairy pops up from here and there.

snow on a mountain
A forest with beautiful winter

Winter comes and snow is falling and the day is getting cold, but the body keeps shrinking and staying at home.

I’m looking for somewhere to go with a new years promise to move diligently. So i come here Wondae-ri Birch Forest to see the Birch Forest.

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snow on a mountain
A forest with beautiful winter

I’ve been looking at the weather for a few days now to see the birch forest. It was snowy and cloudy until yesterday. Today’s clear, cloudless weather.

So I hurried to come here early this morning to see the Winter Wondaeri Birch Forest.

I wake up at 5:00 a.m. and I leave at 5:30 a.m. I arrived here at the Wondaeri birch forest parking lot aroung 8am.

There is no one. I’m the first visitor. Uncleared snow is piled up in the parking lot. From the Internet, The entrance time to the birch forest is 9:00 p.m.

I’m a little bit early. I have to wait in the car for a while and then i’ll get out.

I was resting in the car. At about 8:40 I come out and walk to the entrance of the birch forest.

There are no human footprints, but there are many car tracks.
Sounds like someone’s been back and forth already?

The birch tree greets me from the entrance. But to see the main birch forest, you have to walk about an hour from the entrance.

The birch tree greets me from the entrance
The birch tree greets me from the entrance

Winter entry days are available from December 16 to January 31. The time you can enter the mountain from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. If it’s past 2 p.m., you can’t get in!

You have to fill out a registration form at the visiting center here. Wait 10 minutes, but no one comes. It’s almost 9 o’clock, so I’ll slowly go up the street.

If you go up about 3.2km along the way, you’ll get to the birch forest entrance, then when you go in there, you’ll find a birch forest.

So one way is about 4.5km and one and a half hours. If I take a round trip, I’ll take about three hours.

It’s covered with snow. I didn’t know it at first, but it’s divided between the drive road and the sidewalk. The little road on the left is the sidewalk, So i’m walking sidewalk.

No one walked on the snow road. The feeling that i step on the snow for the first time. It’s as if I’ve found this birch forest for the first time.

It feels like leaving my footprints on a sandy beach with nobody on it.

There are a lot of white birch on the way up. The contrast between the white snow and the indistinguishable birch pillars and the dead leaves beneath them is beautiful.

I wonder if this is a birch forest cuz I can see a lot of beautiful birch trees here. But The milestone still tells us to go further.

How beautiful is there to make me to pass this birch forest? Expectation rises more

The air is clear and the mountains are easily visible in the distance.

The landscape of the light and shade of that color makes me want to draw oriental paintings. I’ll give it a try someday.

There are too many trees to see the snowy mountains like Switzerland or New Zealand.

I can see the snow piled up everywhere, but it doesn’t stand out due to the big trees. Instead, The nearby mountain has a good view of the empty space and i can see a lot of snow.

At last the flat land comes out and the road goes down. I feel in my bones that I’m almost there.

As the sun rises little by little, the snow piled up on the leaves flutter down toward the ground. It falls like snow.

A landscape strewn with silver powder glittering snow in the slanted sunlight. I feel like I’m in a fairyland.

Now, shall we go into the birch forest? Let’s go see the birch tree!

Just a short way from the entrance, you will find a birch trees forest. The birch you saw on the way up is nothing more than a preview.

It just gave me a quick taste, and here I am, showing you the main spot.

The scenery with snowy white and white birch trees is spectacular, but most of all, I liked it the most is The fact that I step on the snow that no one steps on and goes forward.

And the fact that there’s no one behind me. I feel like I’m standing here alone in a beautiful place.

A birch tree as if it had been wiped clean with soap. I think this is the best tree for winter. Personally.

As I look around now, I think I will be very pretty in autumn. I’d like to see the harmony between the red maple leaves and the white birch.

Most of the road is gentle, but some of the roads are slightly inclined. This is why you have to wear Eisen. Just in case, One of the must-have items! Eisen.

If you go all the way up the street, you’ll finally find that log cabin.

If you find information about the wondaeri birch forest on the Internet, Always, always this picture! Pictures taken against the backdrop of that log cabin!

Winter Wondaeri Birch Forest log cabin
Winter Wondaeri Birch Forest log cabin

There’s an entrance. You want me to come in?

It’s more cozy and spacious than I thought. It would be so romantic to spend a night in a place like this. Of course, when you’re ready for the cold…

The ground is white with white snow. The base of the birch tree is slightly dark. It’s also not bored with red maple leaves in between. Everything looks good and beautiful.

A birch tree. The sound of burning a dry shell is “jajak, jajak”. So it is named Jajak Tree in Korean.

As the name suggests, whispering birch forest. When I stand alone in the middle of the birch forest, the wind whispers the sound of branches and leaves.

If you look at it at this point, you will know one thing. Birch trees grow in the cold. There are birch habitat in Korea.

Most of them are located in mountainous areas north of the central part of the country, and can be seen in mountainous regions of Gangwon Province such as Taebaek, Hoengseong and Inje.

Wondaeri, Inje is considered one of the most popular birch.

I go around the birch forest twice and go down. When i go around once and twice, i can see the one or two people.

It’s not in the picture, but it’s halfway down, The mountain climbers wearing mountain climbing clothes are coming up in a group.

Perhaps they’re coming to as a mountain group on a sightseeing bus. That’s a relief that i Go see when i’m free and come down before it’s too crowded.

The sky free of fine dust, the beauty of the deep mountains, I am filled with admiration.

Come back down to the parking lot
Come back down to the parking lot

Come back down to the parking lot and find a place to eat. I’ve been looking over it for a while, and I can see a lot of vegetable bibimbap and dried pollack dishes. It seems to be a local food or a favorite food.

I went into a restaurant and ordered a dried pollack dishes.

I’m hungry because i’ve been around for more than three hours. After i’ve done it quickly, i just snap my belly and relax.

On my way back, I was passing by the Soyang River and the scenery was so beautiful that I pulled over to a nearby rest area and took a camera with me.

At first glance, I thought I was in New Zealand. A blue river flows down to the mountain far away. The air is clean and fresh!

Every house has white snow on the roof. Snow piled up in streets and mountains, trees and fields. All these scenes are calm and quiet. It’s beautiful.

Can I come here Winter Wondaeri Birch Forest again before the end of this winter? I want to come.


Operating Hours
[Forest hours]
Summer season (May 4-Oct.31) 9:00-18:00
Winter Season (Dec. 15-Jan.31) 9:00-17:00

[Hiking hours]
Summer season (May 4-Oct.31) 9:00-15:00
Winter season (Dec. 15-Jan. 31) 9:00-14:00


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