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Korean Table manners

Due to the influence of Confucianism, Korea's habit of respecting adults is fully revealed at the dining table. Let's Find out more Korean Table Manners.

Korean Table manners: If there is ‘LADY FIRST’ in the West, in Korea, upper class is first!

Korean Table manners
Korean Table manners

Due to the influence of Confucianism, Korea’s habit of respecting adults is fully revealed at the dining table.

Confucian ideas are also placed on the seat layout. The inside of the gate is regarded as a head of the table, and an adult is to be honored here. Also, when eating, do not put the spoon on the table when you are finished with the meal before the adults, but put it in a bowl or a bowl of rice until the adult finishes the meal, it is the table manners unique to Korea.

/Table manners from Confucian thought 

  • When you eat with your family or relatives, you can start after elders lift a spoon.
  • It is polite not to lift a spoon at a meal with a guest until the elders takes a spoon and recommends it to the lower man.
  • The elders hands down the spoon and puts it down accordingly.
  • It’s rude to get up before elders finishes his meal.
  • If you drink at a table with elders, you should turn your body to the left or turn to drink in a way that elders does not see

What to remember when using spoons and chopsticks

spoons and chopsticks
spoons and chopsticks

Spoons and chopsticks are used not only in Korea, but also in China and Japan. But the usage is a little different from ours. In China and Japan, chopsticks are used mainly, in Korea, spoons are used when eating rice and soup, and chopsticks when eating side dishes.

There are two reasons why Koreans use more spoons.

First, there is a lot of soup type food in Korean food.

Second, most dishes are made of pottery or oil, which is heavy and not suitable for holding and eating the bottom of the bowl by hand.

For this reason, spoons are a very important meal tool for Koreans. So lifting a spoon means the beginning of a meal in Hansik, and putting it down means that the meal is over.

There are also some manners to follow in how to use the spoon, as an important dining tool for Korean food.

/table manners related to the use of spoon

  • Do not hold the spoon and chopsticks together.
  • Don’t put a spoon in the rice.
  • When you start eating, you usually use a spoon to scoop soup first and eat rice or other food.
  • Don’t bump your spoon into a bowl to make any noise
  • After the meal, put the spoon in its first place.

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