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Namhansanseong Provincial Park : [UNESCO World Heritage]

Namhansanseong Provincial Park[UNESCO World Heritage] & Fortress is one of the four fortresses that guarded Hanyang(Seoul)

Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do



Namhansanseong Provincial Park[UNESCO World Heritage] is one of the four fortresses that guarded Hanyang(Seoul)

There were four major fortresses on the outskirts of Seoul.

Kaesong in the north, Suwon in the south, Ganghwa in the west and Gwangju in the east. 

The enemy has crossed these fortresses for every chance, the fate of the fort was so much scarier than glory.


However, it remains silent and secure in the glory of its descendants.

There was a Namhansanseong Fortress in Gwangju in the east. The 159,859-pyeong(3.3 square meter) Namhansanseong Fortress built in the main vein of the Gwangju Mountain Range belongs to Namhansanseong-myeon in Gwangju today. 

If you go up the well-organized mountain path for about 20 minutes, you will meet the mountains, which are 490 meters above sea level, and the beautiful ridges, surrounded like a folding screen.

If you look down from the wall, you can easily see downtown Seoul. Only 359 years ago, Injo king ended up here on his knees with the Qing army and remained a shameful history.



Namhansanseong Fortress, along with its clearly defined historical role, has the enough characteristics of the cultural heritage to understand the structure of the fortress and the function of the old fortress. 

The history and knowledge of the cultural heritage, or the various factors that influenced the derivation of the concept of defensive military engineering in the fortress of Namhansansung, is enough to satisfy.



When repairing and renovating the Fortress, the tangible elements that make up the heritage, the scientific guidelines were followed with particular precision in the form, structure, and materials of the Fortress. 

These activities have taken place over a long period of time and are still being re-established today. 

The rebuilding process is based on extensive literature records on the construction of Namhansanseong Fortress, which has been passed down in history. 


Among the elements of heritage, the protection of the sincerity of temple or building heritage built mainly on timber is already clearly identified and follows the tradition of scientifically recognized sincerity. 

However, there is an excessive side to such a planned restoration policy. 

However, thanks to this policy, it was reconstructed the structures that had been lost a long time ago.

In particular, the 19th century, this site was completely destroyed during Japanese occupation, nothing left, and we built Haenggung(Temporary Palace) on this site following the shape of the old day.


Conservation and Management System

The entire area covering Namhansansanseong Fortress and monuments is designated as a national historical site under the Cultural Heritage Protection Act. 

Today, each of the 218 tangible and intangible culture is registered as historic sites and protected at national, regional and regional levels. 

Technical and tourism management for cultural ensembles is generalized by the Namhanshanseong Culture and Tourism Initiative (NCTI). 

In addition, a number of civic volunteer groups are involved in the management and promotion of heritage. 

The management plan includes sectoral plans, particularly those concerning the preservation of this heritage.


Mondays (excluding national holidays)

Mountain Not Access Period 
Seasonal Forest Fire Watch
February 1-May 15, November 1-December 15

* TBD by park directors based on fire weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions.

Operating Hours 
[Namhansanseong Haenggung]
April-October 10:00-18:00
November-March 10:00-17:00

* Last admission 30 minutes before closing.

Parking Facilities 
* Parking Fee 1,000 won

Admission Fees 
[Namhansanseong Provincial Park]

[Namhansanseong Haenggung] 
Individual: Adults 2,000 won / Children 1,000 won 
Group: Adults 1,600 won / Children 800 won

* Group: 30 people or more
* Adults (age 19-64), Children (age 7-18)
* Free (ID required): Senior citizens (ages 65 & over)

Available Facilities 
Benches, water supply systems, restrooms, cultural relics, Namhansanseong Fortress History Museum, memorial site, valley, etc.


Interpretation Services Offered 
* Reservation: Namhansanseong Fortress Visitor’s Center +82-31-745-2845
* Available languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Baby Stroller Rentals 
Not available

Not permitted

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