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Odaesan National Park: Warm like a mother’s breast.

Odaesan National Park, the road from Woljeongsa Temple to Birobong Peak (1,563m), is very crowded even in the freezing weather.

Odaesan National Park
Odaesan National Park

The road from Woljeongsa Temple to Birobong Peak (1,563m), the main peak of Odaesan Mountain, is very crowded even in the freezing weather.

Warm like a mother’s breast.

Odaesan Mountain, which was considered a famous mountain, has been established as a Buddhist sanctuary since the Silla Dynasty 

 Woljeongsa Temple
Woljeongsa Temple

Woljeongsa Temple

 Odaesan Woljeongsa Temple
Odaesan Woljeongsa Temple

There is Woljeongsa Temple in Odaesan, which adds to its dignity.

Woljeongsa Temple was built during the Silla Dynasty and has a stone pagoda (National Treasure No. 48) and stone Bodhisattva statue (National Treasure No. 139). 

The temple, located at the foot of Birobong Peak, about 10 kilometers above here, is the houses the Munsu Bodhisattva statue.

In the sangwonsa temple, there is the oldest bronze bell(National Treasure No. 36) in Korea.

Increasing the number of tourists due to transportation. 

odaesan national park autumn
odaesan national park autumn

Although Odaesan National Park is excellent and has many diverse tourism resources, the opening of Yeongdong Expressway is increasing the number of tourists due to its convenient transportation. 

Also, Bangadari Yaksu, one of the most famous mineral water in the country, and fir trees and pine trees spread out on the way to the mineral water, making it a must-visit place for hikers. 

There are good accommodations, mushroom japchae and other delicacies, which attract many tourists.

Odaesan National Park winter
Odaesan National Park winter

* Subject to abrupt closure due to adverse weather conditions.

Mountain Not Access Period 
Seasonal Forest Fire Watch by Park
Spring: February 15 – May 15 / Fall: November 1 – December 15
* TBD by park rangers based on weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions. Please visit the official website to check before visiting.

Areas Open to the Public 
Sangwonsa Temple (상원사) – Jeokmyeolbogung (적멸보궁) 2km
Sangwonsa Temple (상원사) – Jungdae (중대) 1.3km
Sogeumgang River (소금강) – Guryong Falls (구룡폭포) 2.5km
Woljeongsa hoesageori (월정사회사거리) – Dongpigol (동피골) – Sangwonsa Temple (상원사) 8.1km

Night-time Hike Restriction Notice 
To protect the environment and ensure the safety of hikers, hiking is prohibited at night (from sunset until two hours before sunrise).

Parking Facilities 

Admission Fees 
Admission fees apply to Woljeongsa Temple

Available Facilities 
Campground, auto campground, visitor’s center


Parking Fees 
Light-weight car (under 1,000cc) 2,000 won
Mid-sized car / Small-sized car 4,000 won (Peak season 5,000 won)
Large-sized car 6,000 won (Peak season 7,500 won)

* Based on one day / one parking slot
* Jingogae Parking Lot has no parking fees as the parking lot is a subsidiary facility of the service station. 

Baby Stroller Rentals 
Not available

Not permitted

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