Seoul Capital Area

Seoul Medicine Market [Oriental Medicine Industry District]

Yakryeong Market(Medicine Market) is a medicinal stuff market that distributes 70 percent of medicinal herbs traded in Korea.

Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Seoul Medicine Market
Seoul Medicine Market [Oriental Medicine Industry District]


Yakryeong Market(Medicine Market) is a medicinal stuff market that distributes 70 percent of medicinal herbs traded in Korea. There is the Oriental Medicine Museum, where you can experience and have a common sense of oriental medicine, as well as enjoy a variety of herbal teas.

It was formed naturally in the late 1960s when medicinal herbs and herbal medicine vendors from across the country gathered near Cheongnyangni Station. 

Bo Je-won, an organization that treated and rescued poor and sick people during the Joseon Dynasty, was in Jegi-dong, and more than 1,000 clinics and oriental medicine clinics are still thriving. 

Since about 70 percent of the nation’s herbal medicine shipments go through this area, housewives are trying to buy medicinal herbs that are of high quality and cheap price. 

‘The Seoul Yakryeong market Association’ has reorganized the entire market and holds the Seoul Yakryeong market Festival every year to specialize the Yakryeong Market.

Dongdaemun-gu, where Yakryeong Market is located, opened the Oriental Medicine Museum in 2006 and displays 420 artifacts, including ancient books on oriental medicine, and 350 herbal medicine items, and features a model of Bosewon, a oriental medicine experience room, and a lounge, providing a place for shoppers and tourists to rest.

Description of Products Offered 
Oriental medicine examination and treatments, Oriental medicine prescriptions, importing/exporting and wholsale/retail sales of Oriental medicine, medicinal herbs, trading, etc.

Structure Size 

Parking Facilities 
Paid parking: No. 1 Arch Road Parking Lot and Jegi Parking Lot

Credit Cards 
Varies by shop

* Consumer Protection Center Defective Medicine Reporting: +82-2-959-1010 
* Executive Office – Seoul Medicine Association, 4F, Hanlim Bld., Jegi2-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

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