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Seoul Olympic Park

The construction of the Olympic Park began in 1984 to host the 86 Asian Games and the 88 Seoul Olympic Games, and was completed in 1986.

Songpa-gu, Seoul

Seoul Olympic Park
Seoul Olympic Park


A space for sports, culture, and leisure of citizens operated and managed by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, which has inherited and developed the spirit and values of the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Dream of the coexistence of nature and man

The construction of the Olympic Park began in 1984 on 430,000 Square meter of land to host the 86 Asian Games and the 88 Seoul Olympic Games, and was completed in 1986. 

Mongchon Fortress was restored in the center of the Olympic Park and six stadiums are located in a semicircular format

It was built as a downtown park where the heart of the Seoul Olympic Games and the breath of the Hanseong Baekje Kingdom is alive.

Seoul Olympic Park
Seoul Olympic Park

It is used by various walks, sports class members, and concertgoers

The number is increasing year by year, reaching about 5.23 million a year as of 2017. 

It is used by an average of 14,000 people a day, and you can see that Olympic Park is becoming a rest area in the city center.

Seoul Olympic Park
Seoul Olympic Park

Wishing for peace in the world

It is a civic park built with the excavation of Mongchon Fortress and the construction of an Olympic auxiliary stadium, where visitors can look back on historical relics together. 

Seoul Olympic Park
Seoul Olympic Park

The lake facing the ‘peace gate’ reminiscent of the sleek eaves line of traditional Korean houses is a garden of water using moat around Mongchon Fortress.

It is famous for its music fountain that rises to 30 meters and for its scenic beauty, decorated with flags commemorating the Olympics. 

The large outdoor installation art have its own individuality. A total of 204 works are by world-renowned artists who make up the world’s five largest outdoor sculpture parks.

Seoul Olympic Park
Seoul Olympic Park

N/A (Open all year round)

Tour Course Information 
[Top 9 Stamp Tour]
* How to participate: Receive a tour map from the Information Center (Peace Square, Meeting Square) and get a stamp at each of the nine places. After completing the stamp tour, participants can receive a small free gift. 
* Information operating hours: 09:00-18:00 
* Completion gift is available within the operating hours (until 18:00).
* Peace Square Information Center: +82-2-410-1111
* Meeting Square Information Center: +82-2-410-1112 

[Stamp Tour Route]
1) Peace Square Information Center (from Top 1 to Top 9)
World Peace Gate (Top 1) → Mongchon Moat Musical Fountain (Top 3) → Dialogue (Top 4) → Walking Paths (Top 5) → One Tree Hill (Top 6) → 88 Lake (Top 7) → Wild Flower Garden (Top 8) → Rose Garden (Top 9) → The Thumb (Top 2)
2) Meeting Square Information Center (from Top 9 to Top 1)
The Thumb (Top 2) → Rose Garden (Top 9) → Wild Flower Garden (Top 8) → 88 Lake (Top 7) → One Tree Hill (Top 6) → Walking Paths (Top 5) → Dialogue (Top 4) → Mongchon Moat Musical Fountain (Top 3) → World Peace Gate (Top 1) 
* Top 1 to Top 6, Sculpture Park Course is also available (1.5km / estimated 30 min) – World Peace Gate → Mongchon Moat Musical Fountain → Dialogue → Wild Flower Garden → Rose Garden → The Thumb 

[Walking Path]
Lakeside Lane: Peace Square → Gommal Bridge → Soma Museum of Art → Peace Square
Fortress Lane: Mongchon Fortress circuit 
Memory Lane: Gommal Bridge → Mongchon Fortress center → Mongchon Hut Site → Wild Flower Garden → Mongchon Fortress circuit → Picnic Place → Gommal Bridge
Lover’s Lane: Gommal Bridge → Mongchon Fortress center → Seoul Historiography Institute → 88 Square → Cafeteria → Mongchon Fortress center → Picnic Place → Soma Museum of Art → Peace Square → Gommal Bridge
Youth Lane: Bicycle circuit

Operating Hours 
Pedestrian and bicycle access: 05:00–22:00 (Plaza area until 24:00)
Access by car: 06:00-22:00
* Prohibited from entering park except for Peace Square and Meeting Square after 22:00 for facility safety and personal protection

Parking Facilities 

Available Facilities 
[Stadium, Fitness Facilities and other convenient facilities] 
– Olympic Center, Olympic Hall (Muse Live), Olympic Swimming Pool, Olympic Gymnastic Stadium, K-Art Hall (Taekwondo Performance Hall), Olympic Tennis Stadium, SK Handball Stadium (Olympic Fencing Stadium), Woori Art Hall (Olympic Weight Lifting Stadium), Velodrome, Indoor Tennis Court, National Fitness Center, Physical Fitness Facilities, Acupressure Walk, Basketball Court, Information Center, Olympic Park Library, National Fitness Award Center, Café, Restaurant, Lounge, etc.

[Entertainment Facilities] 
* Hodori Train
– Requires reservation of at least 10 people or more (Operates Tuesday-Thursday)
– One way: Adults 3,000 won / Teenagers 900 won / Children 700 won
– Round-trip: Adults 2,300 won / Teenagers 1,500 won / Children 1,100 won
– No operation on Mondays & December-February

[Bicycle Rentals]
– March-June, September-November: 10:00-18:00
– July-August: 18:00-19:00
– Rental availability depends on weather conditions.

*Four-wheel bikes
– 3-seater bikes: 7,000 won per 30 min / 10,000 won per 60 min
(Weekends & public holidays: 10,000 won per 30 min / 15,000 won per 60 min)
– 6-seater bikes: 10,000 won per 30 min / 15,000 won per 60 min
(Weekends & public holidays: 15,000 won per 30 min / 25,000 won per 60 min)

* Two-wheel bikes
– 2-seater bikes: 3,000 won per 30 min / 5,000 won per 60 min 
(Weekends & public holidays: 30 min per 4,000 won / 8,000 won per 60 min)

Admission Fees 


Parking Fees 
Small vehicles: 1,000 won within one hour / 500 won for each additional 15 minute
Large vehicles (24 passengers / 2.5 tons of more): 12,000 won
* Light-weighted vehicles, cars for people with disabilities, etc.: 50% discount
* In the event of large event held in the park, parking fees are changed to pre-paid parking lot and the parking lot operating hour is subject to change. (Pre-paid parking lot: Small vehicles 5,000 won / Large vehicles 12,000 won)

Baby Stroller Rentals 
World Peace Gate Information Center (4 baby strollers), East Gate 1 Information Center (3 baby strollers)

Pets must be kept on leashes and cleaned up after.

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