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Skyranch: representative ranch of Daegwallyeong

These highland grasslands are unique in the world and can only be found in Daegwallyeong.

Daegwallyeong Skyranch
Daegwallyeong Skyranch

Daegwallyeong SkyRanch has a 40-year-old history with a huge ranch. It is Well preserved and most of the area remains untouched by humans.

Sky Ranch is Daegwallyeong’s representative ranch.

Daegwallyeong's representative ranch.
Daegwallyeong’s representative ranch.

Daegwallyeong, which was a barren land more than 800 meters above sea level in 1974. But based on the pioneering spirit, a ranch was built right here.

These highland grasslands are unique in the world and can only be found in Daegwallyeong.

highland grasslands
highland grasslands

The original name was ‘Hanil Ranch’ but it was opened to the public in September 2014 for the first time in 40 years and changed name to ‘Sky Ranch’ which means it can show the widest and highest sky.

Sky Ranch is fun.


Sky Ranch is trying to make sure everyone who visits has a good time.

It’s not a bus or car, it’s a tractor that’s only seen on the ranch, it’s a place where you head to the observatory with clouds and sky, out of the city, interacting with horses and riding horses in real nature, and not feeding them outside the fence, but going inside and interacting directly with animals and enjoying themselves.

The Sky Ranch is also preparing for visitors to have more fun today.

Sky Ranch is healthy.

humans and animals to communicate with each other.
humans and animals to communicate with each other.

Sky Ranch is trying to protect its true nature itself.

Except for the basic facilities for visitors’ experience, we do our best to harmonize with nature.

So unlike traditional ranches, you can face grazing cows in the vast grasslands, and cows feed on healthy grasses and produce healthy food, not artificial feed.

Sky Ranch
Sky Ranch

The fences were installed in minimal quantities, breaking boundaries and allowing humans and animals to communicate with each other.

A healthy ranch where you can feel the green grasslands with animals. It’s the Sky Ranch.

 healthy skyranch
healthy skyranch

Activity Information 
[Sheep Flock Experience] 
Individuals: Adults 5,000 won / Children 4,000 won / Discount 2,000 won 
Groups: Adults 4,000 won / Children 3,500 won / Discount 2,000 won

* Free: Babies (ages under 2 years) / Men of national merits / Etc.
* Children (ages 2 years to high school students)
* Groups of 30 people or more
* Discount applies to senior citizens (age 65 and older) with a valid ID. 

Operating Hours 
January-March 09:00-17:30
April-September 09:00-18:00
October-December 09:00-17:30

* Last admission is one hour before closing.
* Grazing hours of animal families (cow/sheep/goats) vary depending on the season.

Parking Facilities 


Parking Fees 
Free of charge 

Reservation Info. for Natives 
Group over 30 required reservation

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