Seoul Capital Area

Starfield COEX Mall

It is a large shopping area built in the basement of 159 Samsung-dong, Seoul, and same as 15 times the size of Jamsil Main Stadium.

Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Starfield COEX Mall
Starfield COEX Mall


Coex Mall reopened on November 27, 2014 after the completion of a large-scale renovation. World-renowned architectural firm Gensler worked to create a vision for change largely centered around a concept called “The Unfolding Sky.”

It is a large shopping area built in the basement of 159 Samsung-dong, Seoul, and same as 15 times the size of Jamsil Main Stadium. 

Megabox, the nation’s largest multiplex cinema, COEX Aquarium, a large aquarium, and Youngpoong Bookstore, a large bookstore, as well as various brand shops, food courts, cafes and restaurants. 

On the ground, there is a convention center, which is also a business venue where various industry-related exhibitions and events are held. 

There are five squares inside the COEX Mall, which are used as a resting place and meeting place, and various cultural performances will be held according to each concept to provide visitors with something to see.

Structure Size 
– Total area: 165,000㎡
– Retail stores: 204
– F&B outlets: 91
– Services : 4 (Post Office, Blood Donor Clinic, Megabox Movie Theater, Aquarium)

Operating Hours 

N/A (Open all year round; varies by shop)

Store Information 
Please refer to the official website.

Convenient Facilities 
COEX Mall Customer Center

Basement Level 1 Live Plaza
Inquiries: +82-6002-5300 
Operating Hours: 10:00-22:00 
Shopping center & facilities guidance, interpretation service, lost and found, floor guide, etc. 
*The above service is available for both locals and international visitors.

Baby nursing facilities – Aga Sarang Bang (Baby Love Room) 

Location: the hallway next to Megabox Theater
Inquiries: +82-2-6002-5318 
Operating Hours: 10:30-19:00

Information Desk
COEX Mall Information desk 1 in front of Pain de Papa Store (C103) 
COEX Mall Information desk 2 in front of Giordano (J104) (baby carriages /wheelchair rental services) 
Operating hours: 10:00~19:30

Available Brands 
Please refer to the official website.


Storage Lockers 
Hallway next to Banila Co. (B105)
Hallway next to Siero (E119) 
Hallway next to JAJU (E107)
Opposite Zara (F109) 
Behind Saboten (D110)

Credit Cards 

Not permitted

Starfield COEX Mall

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